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Event Posters

Posters can be printed on a range of different materials and in almost any size you need. We have some of the most advanced printing technology so we guarantee perfect colours.

Recommended Sizes

Poster Material Options

Poster Paper200gsm
  • Standard Poster Paper is a durable paper at 200gsm. Appropriate for most clip frames depending on the size and is printed at the highest quality.
  • Recommended for inside displays only.
Ultra- Smooth BannerWaterproof and Durable
  • This is the strongest waterproof poster option, durable in all conditions.
  • PVC is ideal for outside promotions.
Rigid and stickers
Other OptionsCorflute, Bubble-board, Easy-dot
  • We have a range of other materials that can be used as poster depending on your specific requirements. If you are unsure about what materials to use simply contact us and we'll help with expert advice.

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